Galicia has unsurpassed resources to be successful in fields such as gastronomy, tourism, and the agri-food industry. Proof of this is the wide range of Galician first-rate products holding quality certifications and designation of origin that, of course, work also as tourist attraction.Nevertheless, our products success will mostly depend on our ability to adapt our nation’s huge potential to the needs of local markets –both nationally and internationally. Professionalization of hotel and agri-food workers is crucial, essential to thrive successfully within these highly competitive markets.So far, no specific training or courses exist in Galicia to train professionals in selection, management, communication and customer service of wine. That is why –considering the high demand and strong peculiarities of the sector– it becomes absolutely necessary, as well as innovative, to offer this course in Galicia.Courses: More information:Request more information about our courses in the contact section.