About us

In 2006, Xoán Cannas becomes a teacher of wine as Director of Classroom Programming at Novacaixagalicia. His studies in Education Sciences, together with his wide expertise as a sommelier have taken him to develop an intense teaching work in order to get the secrets of wine closer to hundreds of professionals and wine-lovers throughout Galicia.

Xoán Cannas, director del INGAVI

As an extension to his passion for teaching, the Instituto Galego do Viño opens its doors in 2010, aiming at disseminating wine knowledge towards the professional sector and fostering wine-related experiences so that society can get to know more about wine –not only by seminars and specialization courses, but also through events, awards and fairs such as Viñerón or the Magnum Awards of the Galician Wine.

Today, the team of teachers working for the Instituto Galego do Viño counts on sommeliers, winegrowers, oenologists and winemakers globally renowned. They are all willing to share their expertise, knowledge and passion for wine with you!!

Together with hundreds of alumni, teachers and Xoán Cannas create and establish a great network in relation to the Instituto Galego do Viño. There is a place for you here. Will you join us?